Bubbles and Fishies

Who doesn’t love BUBBLES? My kids LOVE bubbles, and heck, I love bubbles. Buttttt….This post isn’t just about bubbles. I know, I know, I gotcha: Hook, line, and sinker! (puns intended) Please don’t quit reading because this post is about our plastic waste and how it is destroying our beautiful planet, BUT also about how BUBBLES can help save all the little Nemo and Dory’s of the world. ๐Ÿ ๐ŸŸ

How many items do you buy at the store, use once and toss in the trash? Shopping bags and produce bags used long enough to bring purchased items home and then chunked in a can. Water bottles, food wrappers, to-go containers are just a few more examples of things we use once without even thinking about them. Can any of these things be recycled or re-purposed? Yes, actually! More on that later….

According to the Ocean Conservancy, 8 million metric tons of plastic finds its way into our oceans. Read that again. EIGHT MILLION METRIC TONS. If you’re bad with math like I am, I’ll break it down. there are 2,205 pounds in one ton. 8 million metric tons =17,640,000,000 POUNDS. You could buy a Brita pitcher and a Hydroflask (Where my VSCO girls at?!) and reuse that baby errrrday. If you drink one plastic bottle of water a day every day, 365 water bottles a year for one person, or a family of 4 would be 1,460 bottles of plastic a year. Not to mention how much happier your wallet would be. ๐Ÿ˜‹ Our pretty planet earth would like it too. Throughout the week I will be explaining all the different ways our wastefulness is hurting our environment and how our actions CAN have a ripple effect for the greater good.

I was scrolling through the Book of Faces (Facebook) when I happened across a video discussing this intriguing contraption called Mr. Trash Wheel. Apparently this dude has been around for several years and I just live under a rock?! Anyways, Mr. Trash Wheel lives in rivers that feed into oceans, and his job is to eat all the plastics, tires and guitars and things like that to prevent them from going into the ocean. He has “eaten” almost 1400 TONS of TRASH, ya’ll!!!!!! Think of all the water creatures he saves. Our ecosystem thanks him, I’m sure, because not only does he take in all this garbage-oh, including a crap ton of cigarette butts ๐Ÿคฎ, they recycle what is recyclable. Can’t you just picture a fish swimming by with a cigarette hanging out its mouth? HA. This is just ONE trash interceptor. Below is a screenshot from a video posted on Mr. Trash Wheel’s website showing our “man” of the hour in action!

Now, onto the aforementioned BUBBLESSSS!! If you thought Mr. Trash Wheel was cool, hold onto your seat, because much like blowing bubbles, I’m about to blow.your.mind!
Allow me to introduce, The Great Bubble Barrier! This sweet baby is only a year old, but already saving more water-living creatures than the trash wheel! The smart people created a bubble-making mechanism that, makes bubbles, duh! The fish can swim freely about without harm, and the bubbles make the water more oxygen-rich which makes fishies even happier!! So, the bubble barrier creates bubbles and blow the trash up to the surface. The creators of this world-saving magic have strategically placed the barrier diagonally across the river so the trash will naturally flow to the river’s edge where it can be removed from the water!! ( here is a quick video explaining it)

This Barrier Uses Bubbles to Clean Trash From Waterways
The Bubble Barrier

Do YOU recycle? If you don’t I challenge you to get it set up this week. If it takes a while for your city to get a recycling bin/receptacle to you, clean out a spot in your garage and start saving it up until you get your bin. If you live in a town that does NOT pick up recycle, call your town’s sanitation dept and ask if they know where they closest place is. You may can take it and drop it off yourself. ๐Ÿฅฐ

What ways do you reuse or repurpose plastic items?

I do NOT own the rights of the images on today’s post. All rights reserved to original owners.

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