I see Your Face

UPDATE: 11/24/2020 after months of using The Ordinary Products, I will say that it has helped bring some youthfulness back into my skin-but mainly while wearing makeup. I still don’t want to go around withOUT makeup very often…. Here are some pictures from the past 2 months.

This is from September. Lots of big acne bumps going on here.
This is a screenshot from a video in October. It is definitely getting clearer, but still quite a few blemishes on my chin.

I am excited to start trying some NEW products now and update you. I used the moisturizer last night and this morning I woke up NOT feeling or looking greasy which is AMAZING. Especially after all the junk I ate yesterday. 🙈

Original Post from here down. 🙂

From as far back as I can remember, I have battled acne. I’m 30 for goodness sakes, WHY WON’T THE ZITS LEAVE ME ALOOONNNEEE?!?!?!?!??!!!!

The pictures below are all snapshots of my sexiness. 🎵 I’ve got blackheads and whiteheads a’plenty, scarring and pigment issues galore. Ya want cystic bumps? I’VE got at LEAST 20… 🎵

The upper left picture is from my senior year in HS and the middle and upper right pics are from within the last year. (I’m jamming and singing into a mop on the upper right pic-totally normal right?!) The lower 3 are from this week.

I have been to 3 esthetician’s, but never a dermatologist (I don’t want to be prescribed a zillion medicines that can jack up the rest of my body. I have enough tummy issues as it is.) The first two esthetician’s hooked me up with all kinds of super expensive products that just kinda sorta helped a little. Fast forward seeeveral months and I met another lady who is an esthetician. She tells me to schedule an appt and she will fix me up. At the appointment she told me my skin is DRYYY!!! Like, super dry. I looked at her like she had 5 heads and went so far as to boldy tell her she was crazy…. She did the things she does, cut my face all up to take off the dry/dead skin and hairs. By the way, I knew I was a hairy human, but OMG, who knew I had that much hair all over my face?!?!?!? After she was done making me look like a monster, she applied all the moisture to my face. I went from looking like I had been in a fight with 15 cats to having new baby skin the next day. Okay, maybe not that amazing, but there was a considerable difference. She told me to go buy some Aquaphor and put it all over my face, neck and decolletage. My last facial with her was on Valentine’s Day of this year (before covid hit the fan) and my skin was looking so much better.

Cassandra Bankson is this beautiful lady who has battled cystic acne for yearrrrs. So much so, she decided to become a dermatologist. (She has also found becoming a vegan has helped her acne considerably. I ain’t ready for that just yet. ) I have been watching soooo maaannny of her videos and I found I am not using very much stuff on my skin to give it all the nourishment it needs. I am anxiously awaiting new products from a company called The Ordinary. People seem to completely rave about them so I am SO EXCITED to try them!! My sister and I both ordered the same products on the same day and we will both be taking before/after pictures to document the journey.

For comparison, I am going to discuss the RIGHT NOW of things.
The products I am currently using are
1)CeraVe HYDRATING Facial Cleanser I had been using the FOAMING cleanser by CeraVe for about a year. This hydrating cleanser was suggested in Cassandra’s closed FB group so of course I purchased it. As soon as I changed to the hydrating cleanser, my skin immediately thanked me and seemed to retain its moisture better. It’s been a game changer.
2) Dermalogica is a cleanser my last esthetician recommended that i use with the aquaphor. My face responded well enough to it, and I really liked it at first. But honestly, I have since bought the CeraVe Hydrating cleanser and the CeraVe leaves my skin feeling more hydrated and cleanER and it’s SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper!!!!!! I’m going to continue to use it until it’s gone bc I hate to be wasteful-or I may pass it along to a family member….Hmmm 🥴
3) So those are my cleansers I have been using….My face was still breaking out considerably, and my friend said “Hey, what are you using as a toner?” And I responded with “ugh……nuffin??” So I got to studying on cheap but good toners and chose Mario Badescu’s Aloe Vera Toner. Again, my skin instantly thanked me. It doesn’t have a whole lot of ingredients in it that I can’t pronounce. I use it right after I wash my face, let it dry, and then apply a spot treatment.
4) Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion was actually recommended to me early on in my facial/acne fixin’ journey. I don’t know that it really helps more than any other spot treatment. It is very alcohol-y and definitely burns the zits so I feel like it’s gotta be doing what it’s supposed to-drying out the acne!?!?
5) After using the drying lotion in the morning, I then apply the CeraVe Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30. Sadly and stupidly, I have not ever worn SPF on the daily until the esthetician who told me to get the aquaphor also chastised me for not wearing sunscreen. 😶 Whoops. So I now wear it every single day like a good girl.
6) Last but not least, the cheap ol’ Aquaphor, from baby’s bottom to your face. Cheap and effective. Same as the morning, after cleansing muh ugly mug, I tone and apply drying lotion and then moisturize. A TINY LITTLE BIT goes a long ways. Like, not even a dime size. I kept digging my fingers into the jog and I put as much on my face as you would need to oil a whole fleet of 18 wheelers.

So, I have been using all the products listed above for several months. As I stated earlier, my skin is better NOW (the bottom row of pics) versus the right two pics on the top. There are less zits and my skin appears more youthful. But it STILL ain’t NOTHING like I want it to be. I would love to be able to feel confident without wearing makeup. I had a very difficult time finding even those 6 pics of my face because I don’t take many or save many pictures of my bare, acne-riddled face. Now I am on a mission and will take all the pictures so I can share them with you!!

Is acne a big problem for you too? I have you used any of these products I mentioned? Tell me your story-I need ta know!!

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