Compost Bins

Talk about a flashy title, right? I spent a lot of time creating that. I guess I could have named it “Shiny Veggie Scrap Trash Can”? Anyways.

We have been recycling to try to limit waste. We are far from perfect, but we are taking small steps in the right direction. I have discussed with you guys the family cloth I use, and I have also purchased washable cotton rounds to replace cotton balls and washable feminine pads. I ordered those at the same time I ordered family cloth but have just received them! (I haven’t used the pads yet, but the cotton rounds are totally fine-I use them to apply toner to my face. )
Another step we have just taken, is composting. I ordered this bin on amazon. It has a charcoal filter to help with the stank of rotting veggies and fruits!
Yes, all the things you put in your compost bin will also break down at the landfill. BUT, because we recycle and now composting, our regular ol’ garbage bags won’t fill up near as quickly, which means we won’t have to use as many garbage bags! Which also means less trash to fill up the landfill-this will keep from contributing so much to methane gas emissions into the atmosphere. Methane emisions is bad because it can trap 86 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. Apparently, 20 percent of the planet’s warming can be attributed to methane?? Who knew. Also…cow farts create a lot of methane gas too. If I had to know that, you did too! HA!

The main, original reason I wanted compost was to make my flower beds and tomato plants happy with fresh, nutrient rich soil! I didn’t know I was going to be making positive changes that could impact our environment as well.

We currently live in the city and have a small yard and don’t have a big need for LOTS of compost, but my sister I always talk about has SO.MANY.PLANTS!!! Inside plants, outside plants, veggie plants, pretty plants, herbs. ALL the plants! I am not quite to where she is, but I am working on it. Until then, my trash will be her treasure! They don’t have as much to compost because it’s just the two of them, and there are 4 of us. My kids LIVE on fruit and corn on the cob so we will have plenty to spare, I’m sure!

Do you compost? How long have you been composting? Have questions? ASK! Have advice, PLEASE SHARE!!

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