Back to School

It’s August? Where did the entire summer go?

Ohhh, I know. Newly SAHM life, plus taking a college course, plus attempting to keep some plants alive for the first time ever. Written out, it doesn’t sound like much, but it really was a lot! I have officially finished my class and now have an associates degree on top of my Dental Hygiene License. That was just a personal goal. *pats self on back* and Praise the LORD that class is DUNZO!! Woohoooo!!!!!

Something I have really noticed the past couple months- we only have one garbage bag to load into our garbage can every week. The city picks up our recycling once a month. The recycling can is bursting at the SEAMS, I tell you! As my hubby pulled the bin to the road, pieces of cardboard kept falling out.😂 This tells me we are doing SOME things right. But we still have a lot of waste. I save all my glass jars so I can reuse them for other things. I have an old plastic spray bottle that was wearing down and leaking a little. I happened across a tiktok video that showed using an ACV jar as a spray bottle. I took the spray top part off the plastic bottle and it fit perfectlyyyyy on the ACV bottle. How cool! The best part? IT DOESN’T LEAK!!

This past month I have really focused on buying groceries twice/month instead of once/week. We have a budget of $500 for our family of 4 for groceries. This includes toilet paper, cleaning supplies, stuff for homeschool. (Yep. Homeschool. Pray for us this school year!) Basically anything and everything that Walmart carries, not JUST food. We only do Wal-mart PICK-UP, so no impulse buys! Since I am so terrible at math, the easiest way for me to do it is split it down the middle. Get groceries every two weeks and make my total $250 each time. The first time, my total came to $275 once the taxes were added. So i went back through my list (on the app on my phone because I’m doing walmart PICKUP, remember?) and looked at alllll my items and really asked myself “do I need that pack of milky ways?? reeeaaalllly???” Well, no. I didn’t. More plastic and more calories and random chemicals. Ugh. I finally got it down to like $260. Still not $250, but better than $275! Two weeks later I did $260 again, BUT, with Ibotta and Fetch Rewards, it comes back down to $250. I am also not buying pre-made cookies or sweet treats. I AM buying bread and chips, but I hope to try my hand at homemade bread in a couple days. I had to buy 3 loaves of bread to make it 2 weeks, because the first go ’round we made it ALMOST 1.5 weeks with 2 loaves of bread. My son could eat the whole loaf for a snack LOL! Basically, the key to keeping grocery costs lower is to make EVERYTHING. This is something I have never had enough time to do in the past as a working mom. Who knew that by quitting work, it would help us to SAVE more money?? Isn’t that just CRAZY!! It really helps to budget too!

One thing we also did this summer was celebrate my daughter’s birthday! It was one-of-a-kind to say the least. I made homemade cupcakes with homemade old fashioned icing, packed them and the fam-jam into the car and we drove around to close family to say HI and pass out cupcakes. We stayed outside every house we went to so we could safely social-distance. Fun was had by all, and it was great to see family we haven’t seen for several months. Baby girl even got some cool presents, like makeup and body glitter and baby dolls!

Did you do something cool this summer? Did you have a social-distancing vacation? What newness did you experience this summer? I’d love to hear about it!

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