Mrs. Mommy

I thought I wouldn’t get used to being a SAHM. I have worked since I was 15. I have never been one to just STAY HOME. The kids and I have fallen into a rhythm that’s working pretty well for us now. I’ll share that with you soon!
One of the things I love most about this new life of mine, is being able to hear all the funny things they say, and answer the most random of questions. For instance, a couple days ago we were watching documentaries on lions and cheetahs on Nat Geo (found on Disney + app). On the cheetah episode, as the star Cheetah was chasing its prey, the narrator was telling us that cheetahs love antelopes. My baby girl and her sweet little lisp says “Mommy! I know how CANTELOUPES can kill you.” The hubs and I stifled our giggles and I asked her how exactly, “cantaloupes” kill their prey. She said, “they just take their horns and stab the animal. That’s it 🤷🏻‍♀️” 🤣🤣

This will be our first year homeschooling. It is something my husband and I have discussed numerous times over the years. Our son is such a bright kid, and public school has always held him back because of his age. Not an immaturity issue-but his birthday is in October. Where we live, schools start in August, so if you’re not 5 by September, you have to wait a year. So basically my kid has been studying his ABC’s and counting to 100 for 3 years. Pre-k, K, and 1st (and he knew a lot of those things before Pre-k!). It’s not fair to him. Several months ago he came up to me and said “Hey Mommy. Did you know that five 5’s, makes 25?” How many first graders do you know can come up with that on their own? Not a whole lot. (They don’t even start multiplication here until end of 2nd and 3rd grade) But in his class they are filling in the blank: 50, 51, ___, 53, ___, 55. That is a true example of one of his homework questions. The kid is smart, but we have never been able to financially swing homeschooling him. We talked to his teachers and admin at his school and they would shrug and say “nothing we can do until he’s in 3rd grade.”
One way Covid has blessed us (I guess?? LOL) was doing the end of 1st grade at home via the computer. Now, his first grade teacher was FABULOUS! She gave him extra things to do so he wouldn’t be bored… She gave us some websites to check out that would be free for us so the kid could actually LEARN something. Those two websites were https://www.ixl.com/ and https://happynumbers.com/. IXL was cool because it had multiple subjects, whereas Happy Numbers was about-you guessed it- numbers! haha. Within IXL there is a “Diagnostic” tab. It is basically like a placement test. Your kid answers a series of questions and then it will give you a starting point on the website-by grade level. So this kid, who’s in first grade, was consistently placing on 3rd and 4th grade levels. This confirmed our reasoning as to why we should homeschool. I am NOT knocking public school at ALL. But for him, it just wasn’t fair. Honestly, we had planned to send our daughter to regular ol’ Kindergarten, pre-Covid. Now, we will just be homeschooling them both. We will start our son out on a 2nd grade level as a review and to make sure we don’t miss anything, but then we can take it at our own pace. This will be an extreme learning curve for our whole family. I have spent countless hours this past summer researching the Home School Laws of our state, and joined a handful of facebook groups to learn as much as possible from the veteran home-schooling parents. I am constantly praying for guidance and peace as I change from career mom, Dental Hygienist to Teacher-mom. Or as my daughter affectionately calls me, “Mrs. Mommy.”

Do you home-school your kids? Were YOU home-schooled as a child? Comment below and leave us newbies any advice you have!!

Thinking of homeschooling your children too? Message me or leave a comment and I will do my best to help you with what little knowledge I have. 😊

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