Our First Day

Our first homeschool day is under wraps. We are taking it slow today and tomorrow and going full force on Wednesday. Mrs. Mommy and the kids need to ease in to it! 😋

Today we listened to the “Knowing God Podcast” by https://www.hideandseekministries.com/podcast. I really recommend this podcast! It is geared for kids and my kids really enjoy listening to it. We all learn from it-even us parents learn a thing or two…or 10. Ha! That’s the cool thing about being a child of God. Just like our children are always learning, we can all continuously learn more and more about Him and still we would never know everything.

After the podcast and some coloring, we went ahead and read some from the book of Matthew and discussed what the scripture meant. My daughter is doing the Big Step Genesis Curriculum, and my son is doing the Easy Peasy All-in-One Curriculum. With my daughter, we are focusing on lower case letters and their sounds. (She knows all about uppercase.) With my son, we are reviewing allll the math all week before we jump into level 3 math! Everything else he will start on level 2. If it’s too easy and he can fly through it, then we will move on to level 3 when he’s ready. That’s the cool thing about homeschool-we can take the subjects as slowly or quickly as we need to.

I have already learned that the choice to take the first two days slowly was a good idea. My son whined nearly the entire time. Ahhh the joys of motherhood. 😑 But once little sister was done and went downstairs, big brother buckled down and got it done. Finally. fi-nuh-lee.
Not only did THEY learn, I have learned from this first day. We will definitely be taking breaks when we start our FULL curriculum.

Here’s what our schedule will look like Wednesday:
Breakfast/Knowing God Podcast
Clean up and head upstairs
Talk about the date/season/weather.
Math for son and Workbook for daughter
Dance Party/Potty Break
Reading/Language Arts
Daily Elective (computer, music, art, etc…)

This may change entirely. I have no idea, because I have never done this before!!! All I know is podcast followed by Bible followed by their little bit of curriculum had them losing their minds, so when I start giving the boy kid ALL his schoolwork, he will absolutely go crazy. Another cool thing about homeschooling is, it is all on our OWN time. Stay up late watching a movie? No prob, Bob, because you can sleep in a little bit instead of always having to get up at 6:30!

I am excited about this new journey because of all the freedom that comes with it. Yes, there will be a learning curve, and the kids will have some boundaries to push. But I truly believe it will be worth it, just in the fact that we can discuss God in OUR school.

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