Covid is a “Stupid Heck”

My kids version of bad words is calling someone a “stupid heck.”

This is the PG version of what I would like to call COVID-19. But since I am trying to live more like something Jesus would be proud of, I shall stick with “stupid heck.”

Covid. You SUCK. Covid. You have broken our HEARTS. Covid, you have left a child without her MOTHER. Covid, you took a WIFE from her husband when they should have had another 40-50 years together. Covid, you have taken away my FRIEND!

One of my good friends, in her 40s, was called home to Jesus on August 30th. She battled a, long, hard life for month on a ventilator in the hospital. There were lots of good days, and lots of very bad and scary days.

While I am so so happy she is no longer suffering, I am heartbroken. She was a mommy. She loved her kid. As a mother, my worst fear is losing my kid or causing my kids the heartache I felt when I lost my mom. I know my friend felt so sad while she was in and out of consciousness fighting for her life. As a mother, I’m sure she was constantly thinking of her child. For that, I am thankful she is in Heaven, because she no longer has to worry about her kid and what she’s doing! She is at her forever home, walking streets of gold and enjoying her mansion and the crystal seas.

We met through a theatre program. I have no doubt she is in Heaven singing praises amongst the angels to our Lord and Savior.

Fly high my friend. We love you and miss you so much!

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