Hippity Hop Word Jump

Creating random games make learning so much more fun! Today I’m going to share some of the word games I have been doing with my littlest to help her learn her sight words. Making it FUN helps her to retain it so much better!

She DID just turn 5 a month ago, so she is pretty young still. Rather than bulldoze through all 52 lessons of this short sight word workbook, we are taking our time. There are so many homeschooling resources out there and many of them are free! Which is AMAZING.

Each week, Baby Girl has 4-5 words to memorize. I don’t want her to just memorize it “for the test” like sooooo many of us did back in the day, amiright??! What I decided to do is learn two weeks of words, and then just work on and review those words for 2 more weeks. As we go along, if I find she is totally getting the words faster than that, then we will maybe just review for one week. So far, we have needed the extra time to review. Mainly, she is FIVE, so she needs to be free to be a kid!!

One game I did was “write” all her sight words down with black paint (you could just use a pen or marker but it was gorgeous outside so we painted half the day!) Then I would instruct her to find the word “cat” and paint it pink, or find the word “the” and paint it green.

She had SO much fun getting to use a ton of different colored paints. When she was done with her words, she painted a rainbow and butterfly and her entiiiiire hand 🤣🤣🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Another thing she (and brother) really enjoyed with this Hop Scotch word game I just made up while we played with chalk in the driveway. I wrote out her words again. I would call out a word and they would jump to it! Brother had just as much fun hopping alongside sister, even though he is SOOO smart and already knows even bigger words than these ones🤣(not arrogant at all is he 😉😉)

Homeschool is intimidating when you first start. There are beaucoups of curricula out there. #mentaloverload. But I promise it is SO rewarding. Not only do you get to see all the things your kids learn, you learn some things along the way! Suddenly you look around and realize that you are much stronger than you think!!

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