Butterflies and Jesus

Okay, so I don’t think Jesus ever actually mentioned BUTTERFLIES in the Bible. But stay with me here, ok? Please!?

Covid19 has touched everyone’s lives in one way or another. Due to my and my daughters asthma, we are pretty strictly self-isolating. We have had a good family friend pass away due to covid, and several others who have had it; some got super sick and nearly died, and some who didn’t really have any symptoms. We may still not know a whole lot about Covid and the long-term effects of it, but I know I have learned a lot during these times.

Leaving my career was hard. Becoming a full-time SAHM, home-schooling mom was just insane to my brain. I can NOT do that. I have ALWAYS worked. I never saw myself doing these things, yet deep down, my heart yearned for it. I wished that I could, but also “knew” I wasn’t good enough to do those things.

Me-Ye of little patience? Me-Who can hardly add double digits in my head but my 7 year old can? Me-Who hates cooking and is only okay-ish at it? I felt like I NEEDED to, but I didn’t know HOW, and I was TERRIFIED. So, I kept working…and working…and working…and being grumpy…and my body hurt and ached allll the time…my stress levels were INSANE. I had horrible stomach ulcers….Just not a great situation. But we needed the dollars so I kept truckin’ on and never stopped to figure a way out.

Covid forced me into doing what I was too scared to do on my own. God saw me toeing the line but being too scared to jump. No, I am not saying God made Covid happen. I’m simply saying, He used this opportunity to nudge me. He is pretty cool like that!

Not only do I no longer have to drop my kids off at school and constantly worry about them and miss them, I also get to do more things for ME. Let’s be real, I have two young kids. I do NOT have alone time. BUT…..

A year or two ago I knew I needed to put God first in my life, instead of like, ohhhh, #5 in my life?? I knew I was slacking. I opened my podcast app up and searched for Christian Women podcast and found this one that touched me. I would listen to them as I got ready in the mornings. I did that for a while, and then life happened and I fell off the wagon.

NOW that I am a SAHM, I don’t have to listen to the podcasts, because I can watch the LIVE Devotional by the same woman. Dr. Melody Stevens holds a live devotional on her Fit + Faith Facebook page on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. God is still blessing me, even 6 months into this quarantine caused by Covid. My halfway extroverted self LONGED for some adult conversation, and LONGED for friends and a community with like-minded values and thoughts; with other women who loved God for who HE is and would actually pray for me, encourage me and love me as God tells us to (He tells us to because He loves us and knows us and knows how much we need these things!!)

As we hiked a nature trail yesterday, we saw the most beautiful butterfly.

Then this morning my friend sent me a pic of a butterfly that kept landing on her and loving on her.

It got my mind thinking. We aren’t unlike butterflies. When we just try to live our lives by our selves, we are cocooning ourselves. We get caught up in the day to day and we get too scared to jump OVER the line that is holding us back; to unfold our wings and FLY. Thank God for GOD and His love for us. If we just give it over to Him, He will help us turn into a beautiful butterfly with no limits. We can accomplish so much more and do so many more great things with His guidance than on our own. He is all-knowing and we are just mere humans. These butterflies didn’t realize how beautiful they could be while tucked in their cocoons. Don’t be a caterpillar-spread your wings and become a BUTTERFLY in Jesus’ name!

Has God helped you unfold your wings so YOU can fly? I would love to hear how He has opened doors for you. Happy SONday, everyone! 💜

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