Redneck Princesses

Did you know there are schools out there that ONLY school outside? My sister was telling me she has a friend who takes her Pre-K kid to a school that is strictly outside. They learn ABC’s and 123’s out in the sunshine-and rain. If rain is forecasted, parents dress kids as usual, and add rain-boots and a rain-jacket to the mix. Toss the kid out of the car as usual, and the kiddos play in the rain and still learn. How fun would THAT have been when we were growing up. I mean, can I get an amen? What kid doesn’t LOVE jumping in muddy puddles?!?! This is something I have always fought hard against. “It’s raining! We need to go in.” But why? If it’s not thundering and lightening, then what the heck. I’m not a super materialistic person anyways, so it’s not really about the clothes. I guess it’s just the mess in general. Mud and water dripped alllll through the house. Because I definitely need something else to clean-when I get to it. πŸ˜‰

This is one thing I can say I have done this summer-let LOOSE.

Quarantine has been a time of growth for me, 1,000%!

One day last week I spent the day working in the yard. My daughter is always wearing a dress. She hates pants. She also hates shoes. But she LOVES and NEEDS to look like a pretty princess. Now, I would NOT have chosen this particular fancy dress to play in the mud in…. But miraculously she didn’t really get it all over her. Amazing, RIGHT?

Honestly, I was tired and thought “I mean, whatever….” You mom’s know what I’m talking about.

Here is my redneck princess, in her happy place.

Do you have your own perfect little redneck princesses? I’d love to hear all about them! πŸ™‚

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