To Trash or NOT to Trash?

A couple months ago I shared my cute little kitchen compost can I got here. It is really nice to have, and the kids LOVE putting their fruit remnants “in the cute little garbage can”. Having a small compost can in the kitchen is handy for the every day stuff, and when it gets full, any one of us can go dump it into our bigger, outside compost bin!

All of this is well and good, but, what exactly CAN go into the Compost bin? It’s a little bit of a learning curve, but not too difficult at all!

I made this quick guide and attached it to the front of my can. This list pertains to our household and what we use on a regular basis, but the items you can/cannot use goes on and on well beyond what this shows!!

List of stuff we use daily that can (or not) go into compost

I have also read to be careful about adding cardboard to compost because a lot of times it will have glue on it to hold pieces together. So keep that in mind too!

Remember, the things you place in your compost will be used to grow foods in your garden. You’d rather not put a lot of chemicals into your compost because then you’re feeding your garden chemicals-and putting them right into your mouth!

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