Wasteful Wanda

Sorry if you’re name is Wanda. I’m not just calling YOU out. This truly is for everyone!

Back in June when I first got my shiny little compost bin, I was just excited to have a compost bin. Because. Well, it was cute and shiny! Oh, and I could cut down what we throw into the landfill. I try to REDUCE waste. I reuse/recycle/upcycle all kinds of things to give them a new life and purpose rather than just tossing it into the garbage can so it can go sit in a stinky landfill for 239,498,792 years. One way to limit the amount of things that take over our landfill’s is by composting.

I am now 3 months in to this composting thing. I have learned a little more about it.
As an American, I can say with much shame, we are WASTEFUL!!!! The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stated that more than 40 MILLION tons of food was wasted in 2017.

Just pause and think about that for a second. 40.million.TONS!

My son knows all the animal facts (especially dinosaurs) so I am going to try to put this into perspective. One African elephant (largest land animal) is between 2-7 tons. I’m not a good math-er, but we are talking MILLIONS of ELEPHANTS lined up to equal how much food we WASTE! IN ONE YEAR!! Meanwhile, kiddos are starving in other countries and we are just tossing stuff out that we wasted because we decided to go through the drive-thru instead. Oof. That takes the wind out of your sails when you meditate on that, right?

This is where YOU can do YOUR part. How? Grab a seat and I’ll tell ya.

First, quit wasting food! It happens to the best of us. You forgot you had a cucumber in the back of the veggie drawer in the fridge. Orrrr you just didn’t finish all that spinach before it wilted and got slimy. If this happens, don’t throw it in the trash. This leads us into my second point: just go dump it into your compost bin! Different items take different amounts of time to break down, so a good compost bin would be one that has different “shelves” so you can get to the oldest first-which would be at the bottom, or a 3-bin system. Basically you want to keep the oldest separated from the newest so it is all within the same time frame of being ready to use, if that makes sense.

Compost material=organic matter=happy, healthy plants.

Pic borrowed from here.

If we, as humans, ate pre-packaged stuff, lacking natural, healthy nutrients but packed full of preservatives all day every day, our insides aren’t going to be nutrient-filled. Our bodies would be seriously deficient in all kinds of good vitamins and minerals that God made in all the wonderful fruits and veggies of the earth. Much like if WE eat unhealthy stuff, if you feed your plants cheap, “pre-packaged” food, they aren’t going to be as healthy and vibrant as something full of natural organic matter.

Not to mention, organic matter helps to hold on to nutrients and water better, in turn, helping your plants thrive even more (plus you can save a few pennies on your water bill😉).

There really isn’t a downside to composting. It’s the difference in maaaybe 5 minutes extra of your time per week. You can help our air quality, help the ecosystem, and help your plants thrive!

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