Color by Words

You’ve heard Color by Number right? Aside from all the pretty adult coloring books businesses have created to help those of us more, artistically challenged, they also make paint by number books and pages. All kinds of things. So why shouldn’t we color (or paint) by words?

My 5 year old is learning sight words. This girl of mine LOVES to have a good time. I mean, we all do, but she REALLY does. This means I’ve got ta keep my mind a-churnin’ creating new, fun ways to learn, because sitting at her little kid fisher-price desk and reading the same 10 words over and over again is just a waste of time for all involved. 😑

This is where “Color by Words” comes in. I went to google and typed in Color by Number pages and printed one off that had about as many numbers as she has sight words. Next time I’m just going to print off a picture and make my own “sections” but I was flying by the seat of my britches.

The words “A”—“can” are her sight words, the rest are just words that I KNOW she knows.

This activity took me about 3 minutes to create but gave me so time alone to help brother with HIS studies. Plus, she had fun matching the words and coloring-all while learning!

(NOTE: Before creating this blog, I had no idea color by words was an actual thing. I thought I was just a GENIUS. Google always brings me down, mannn. Anyways. There IS such a thing, so if your kids are bigger and have quite a “word repertoire” than this may be great for you if it’s something you didn’t already know about. Or you can simply print off fun pictures and create your own!!😊)

Any other teachers or homeschool moms out there? I’d love to hear what creative ideas YOU have for helping teach your littl’ns!!

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