Spit, Saliva, Slobber!

Quick and Easy Digestion Experiment for Kids (and adults too)

If you have missed it in my other posts, we are homeschooling our two kiddos this year, using the Easy Peasy All in One FREE Curriculum. It’s free, but you can give a monetary donation if you are able to do so. It’s totally up to you. It IS a Christian curriculum, but if that’s not your thing, you can just as easily omit the “Bible” classes. Did I mention it’s free? If I didn’t…it’s free!!!! 😉

My 2nd level kid is learning all about digestion in Biology. He thinks it is SUPER cool to learn about the body, and thought it was super interesting (and funny) when we learned what POOP really is! haha.

Digestion begins with your mouth. When you chew, you use your teeth to break big pieces of food into smaller bits of food, and your saliva (spit) helps with that too!

Today’s experiment was about saliva! Experiment #2 on this page is a super easy and fun lesson. The 5 year old joined in for a fun snack, too!

Drying their tongues off-and trying not to gag! LOL!

We used some some Ritz crackers we had in the pantry. You could use ANY kind of carb-type food: pretzels, crackers, cereal; just use what you have in your pantry! I gave them each half a paper towel and they got to work trying to dry their tongues off. Baby Girl kept gagging 😂 Once they had their tongues as dry as they could get them…I told them to NOT CLOSE YOUR MOUTHS, and I plopped a Ritz cracker on their tongues!

They were struggling to chew up the crackers!

Ritz crackers are pretty dry ANYWAYS. Take away all your slobber, and it’s kind of like trying to eat dirt! 😂 Brother said he could still kind of taste of the cracker… then he said “But spit just kept coming and coming into my mouth!” And he is TOTALLY right! That means his mouth was working like it is supposed to!

That’s another cool thing about our saliva. When you smell a yummy meal cooking, your stomach starts to rumble, and you start slobbering like a dog with rabies, right? That’s your brain saying, “Hey Body! Wake up and get ready to digest some delicious nutrients!!” There are special enzymes in your saliva which aid your teeth in breaking down the food so it will be stomach-ready when you swallow it! So as my kids chewed their crackers, they kept salivating which helped to do two things: 1, helped to break the crackers down and 2, helped them to taste the crackers!

Not only did we learn that spit, even though kinda gross, IS useful for something, we got to have a snack too! 😁😁

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