Saying YES

Have you ever felt God trying to tell you something, but, you said, “nahhh, not yet. I can’t. I’m not good enough.”

I have. Ask me how that well that went for me. Go ahead, ask.


God gave me the gift of music. I am a PERFECTIONIST. When I sing a song and I am going to post it on social media, it has to be perfect. I can’t have a note that’s flat, or a run that wasn’t just perfect. Any other musicians out there??
Guess what—God didn’t give me this gift so I can just sit dormant with it for a decade. Yes, a decade. I literally have not sung in a church or for His glory in a decade, except maybe 1 or 2 times. To go from singing 2 times a week in church to not for a decade, well. My soul was dark and heavy and sad. I wasn’t really living for God that whole time, but I always sing. I could have easily sung and posted more “Jesus songs” but I just didn’t. No reason, really.

Since August, I have felt God nudging me to share His awesomeness with the world via social media-and song. I posted on my personal facebook and asked my friends and family what some of their favorite hymns or praise/worship songs are, and I started to practice a little. I was going to go LIVE on FB and play some Gospel songs!!! Then Sunday would roll around and I still had not posted a single song or made a Live video.

Last week in our Live Devotional, Dr. Melody shared her very own story. It was almost exactly like MINE!! I texted my friend who also partakes in these live devotionals and said “She’s talking to ME!” and my friend said “yep!!” πŸ˜‚ She was even picking up on the fact that God was using Dr. Melody to sternly tell me what is UP. hahah. He had been nudging me for weeks, and that day, He was shoving me. LOL.

I said, ” Ok God, Yes sir, I get it. I’ll do better,” and the next day I posted a song on FB with the caption, “God has been telling me to sing for Him. So I am! And I hope it blesses someone!”
Was the song perfect? nope. I messed up some riffs. I was a little flat here and there. Ultimately, did it matter? Nope. Did I bless people? Yes. I had people comment, DM me, and I had people text me to tell me I had blessed them.

See, it’s not about ME. It’s not about YOU or US. It’s about GOD. He gave me my voice. He wants me to sing for Him to lead others TO Him!!! I’m not trying to win a contest like when I was in high school. It’s as simple as glorifying Him.

What gift did God give YOU? Is it a musical gift? Is it patience to hold and love on those who are grieving? Is it the amazing ability of popping off scripture to help someone in any scenario? It could be like Dr. Melody and starting a faith page on FB. It could be helping others financially and telling them God loves them.
There are SOOO many more ways.

I urge you to USE your abilities/gifts God gave you. He will bless you for it!!

If you already KNOW what your gift is, comment below. I’d love to hear about it!

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do GOOD WORKS, which God prepared in ADVANCE for us to DO.”

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