Technology and Sickness

Techology: we LOVE it. It’s great until it’s not. Usually when it’s “not great” it is because of operator error. For instance, I wrote an entire blog post a few weeks ago and thought I had uploaded it on my phone. Nope. It’s been sitting in drafts this entire time. I feel SO smart 🤓 NOT!! hahaha

I have been struggling with some super intense stomach pain. This past week has been SO MUCH better, PRAISE THE LORD!! We believe that I have stomach ulcers which cause me pain. I had this happen several years ago and it got so much better ONCE I was put on the right medicine. They didn’t do an endoscopy at that point but said if I had pain again, we need to do one. Fast fwd 4 years and it happened again. Except nobody can do a scope til JANUARY. LUCKILY, this time I know a thing or two and as SOON as I began to have pain, I fixed my diet IMMEDIATELY and was much better within a week. Though I wasn’t 100%, I could eat meals without having to lie on my stomach for 2 hours. I just felt nauseated🤢 Even still, that’s a whole lot better than 6 weeks of intense pain while taking multiple meds. And way better than having to wait til JANUARY to figure it out and get relief. Geesh.

So while I was laid up in bed hurting like the dickens, I wrote my last blog post-and just noticed it never posted. *FACEPALM*

I am feeling SO MUCH better and have so much more energy from eating healthier. I will be going over the things I have changed to keep my stomach pain minimized/gone in future posts. IF YOU have stomach pain, subscribe if you haven’t so you can learn the things I know that can be good for ALL KINDS of tummy issues.

Love to you all and GOD BLESS!

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