Rock Tumblers and Tummy Monsters

I know nothing about rock tumblers. That’s just what my stomach sounds like when it starts doing whatever it is it does.

It makes all kinds of crazy noises and it hurts soooo bad. When it gets really bad, it makes all the noise and causes all the pain without reprieve for a couple hours. I managed to get it on video. Listen carefully. It sounds like my phone mic is brushing against something. It’s literally my stomach making crazy noises! There’s GOTTA be a monster in there!! 🤣

Tummy Monster Noises!

Yes I was in the tub 🤣🤣 you’re welcome for the silly sticker! 🤣🤣

Have you ever heard anything like this from your own stomach and did it last for hours?

The pain is grueling. It’s as though someone is sticking a knife in your gut and then twisting it like a gear. It’s a sharp pain, but it feels like a cog wheel is turning in there.

So now that I have told you about the mysterious monster living in my abdomen, I’m going to tell ya a couple things I immediately changed. First thing I did was start some Reflux meds my doctor gave me. I don’t really ever feel indigestion or anything as a warning. It’s just like “HELLLLOOO. MONSTER IS HERE!” But when I start to feel like my stomach is being crazy, I start my Protonix. I take it first thing in the morning. Then I have something bland like a rice cake. THEN I have my coffee. I’m just not going to ever give up my coffee. Do ya blame me?! 🤪🤪 I’ll do about anything else but DONT TAKE AWAY MY COFFEEEEEE! Therefore, meds, then rice cake, then walk around like a zombie for 10 minutes or so so I can drink the liquid gold that is my coffee 😍😍 (No oil this time Beverly Hillbillies 😉)

Please note that NONE of this is medical advice. Shoot, we aren’t even 100% what is going on, but doctors are pretty sure it’s an ulcer(s). Won’t know until 2021 when I can finally get a scope! That being said, things that I share with you over the next several posts should help a lot of different GI symptoms. So stick around and subscribe if you haven’t already!

Do YOU have tummy troubles? I’m interested to hear about your story!

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