Isolation and Eruption

We are staying home the majority of the time due to Covid. We love to watch Tik Toks and when we came across this cool one, I knew we needed to try it!

We don’t keep any cokes (we are southern so everything is a coke 😉) in the house so I bought 3 different ones. An actual coke, a generic Dr. Pepper, and a generic 7 up. My 8 year old recorded the whole thing and it would make a seaman seasick so I am not posting the whole thing. Don’t need my readers puking all over their screens. You’re welcome!
Anyways, according to the kiddos the Dr. P and 7-up were “so lame”, but the literal Coca Cola was pretty cool.

Things You Need for this Experiment

  1. Coke of your choice (or Soda or Pop or whatever weirdness you call it 🤩)
  2. Baking Soda

That’s it!

We went outside and lined the bottles up on this little rain water ledge thingy (technical term)

An amazing picture captured by my 8 year old photographer

I lined them up and took the caps off each one. Then I poured an unmeasured amount of baking soda into them. The more ya pour, the bigger the reaction. (PRO TIP: It also helps to pour the baking soda inSIDE the bottle and not on the ground. haha)

We went from left to right and the first two WERE kind of lame. Still pretty cool to see the reaction, but it didn’t shoot into the air like the ones on tiktok.

The coke did pretty awesome though!

Coca Cola spewing like a Volcano! So cool!

Why does it make this cool magic? The baking soda is the base and the soda is the acid, Put the 2 together and it makes Carbon Dioxide bubbles that cannot be contained so it spews up like that. “Here is a much more legit answer to that question.

Cleaning the house, I have used Baking Soda and Vinegar, and this is basically the same thing. But a more fun, kid version. LOL

My kids LOVED IT! They were SO amazed!

Have YOU done this before?

Do you have another kid-friendly experiment to share? We’d love to try it out!

God Bless Y’all!

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