Non Toxic and Cruelty Free

As mama’s, we are tired. We don’t know the last time we bathed. And we definitely don’t know that that goop in our hair is.

We also do our very best to take care of our mini me’s.

I remember when my son was little little-I don’t think baby girl had yet blessed us with her presence. What I do remember is my friend telling me to watch what I feed my kids. When her daughter was young, she had one breast pop up prematurely. My friend took her daughter to the dr and the dr said “it’s because of all the hormones and whatever other preservatives are in fast food and prepackaged foods.” In my friends case, it was the Fast Food chicken nuggets. You mama’s know how finicky our kids can be in what they eat, or mainly what they WONT eat (which is basically everything.)

We all do the best that we can, and that’s all that we can do. And for the past several years, I have been working towards becoming more “green” and health conscious. We recycle, we repurpose, try to reduce waste, and we also try to buy produce locally and purchase natural products. Are we 100%? Heck naw, to the naw naw naw. But we TRY!

When I purchased some all natural, cruelty free balms a couple months ago, I FELL IN LOVE!

The sleep balms helps my whole family to sleep like logs! An au natural sleep balm that’s safe for the ENTIRE family ❤️❤️

The muscle balm helps soothe the aching muscles we get from toting around those kiddos.

The headache balm is a breath of fresh air to help those headaches dissolve.

And the breathe balm. Ohhhh the breathe balm! YALL! I’m allergic to LIFE. This Breathe Balm is the BALM DOT COM! (See what I did there?) I’m in the south where it’s practically year round allergy season; I wish I was lying. I take 2 allergy meds just so I can be semi normal. This breathe balm is SO amazing, that I signed up to help sell it to others can they, too, can breathe!!!!!

Right now everything is 30% off for Black Friday Sale! Plus a couple limited edition scents and products. If you would like to know more, comment below and I will get the info out to you ❤️💜💗

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