Help Save the World

I have always loved kids. My friend and I actually had a convo a while back that went something like this “can we open an orphanage? And take care of all the babies in our area so they won’t have to be aborted…? Are there even orphanages anymore?”

Well, we found that no, there are not any orphanages where we live. Kiddos are either adopted or placed in foster care.

We don’t know WHAT we are going to do, but know that we NEED to do something. We’ll just keep on praying til God tells us what ta do!

Recently, I joined a company. Not only is this company based on a woman’s faith in God, the products are amazing. They come from God himself! How? They’re au natural!!

They’re all natural, non toxic, cruelty free and, AnD, AND….they partner with notforsalecampaign.org!!

Money from every purchase is donated to this campaign. What is this “not for sale campaign!?” They help rescue people from trafficking situations. They also took it a step further and have decided that the only thing that can be better than saving these people from trafficking would be to PREVENT it from happening!❤️

How cool is that!

So my friend and I are still working on our own dream. But in the meantime, I still get to help kids-around the world. 🙂 to me, that is SO amazing. It is so cool how God can pepper little blessings into our lives when we aren’t expecting it.

Want to know how you can help? Reach out to me. Can’t financially donate to the cause? Reach out to me! You can STILL be a part of this awesome campaign.

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