That’s a lot of “f”s. Bc you should choose your friends to be lifelong friends. forever and ever and ever and ever. Right?

You don’t want to go out and look for a friend to have for just a day.

You want that closeness. Ever watch Grey’s Anatomy? Meredith and Christina were each other’s “person”.

Who’s your person?

What are the characteristics you want in a friend? Well, I’ll tell you mine.

I want someone who will pray with me and for me. I want someone who will cries and prays on the phone with me when I’m hurting. Who cries tears of joy with me! Who cries from LAUGHING so hard!My friendships really aren’t based just on tears. I don’t think anyways… 🤣🤣

When you turn to God, it’s really cool how He just continues to open doors!

Becoming a SAHM, though my dream, I felt like I did NOTHING for myself. That sounds selfish, but we all are people. God gave us all gifts. Mine is loving and serving others in many different ways, but that goes beyond my kids and hubby too! God has opened a door to a business opportunity that I wasn’t looking for. I’m not a salesperson. I kept saying “no.” My husband said “ya sure ya wanna get yourself into this?” Well. No. But I can’t stop thinking about it. So here I am. Not only has He provided monetary gifts, He has given me some Awesome Christian friends from this opportunity!!!!

I have been through so much heartache in my life. I truly believe it is so I can empathize with others and HELP them UNDERSTAND how much they are loved!! How much others value them. How someone is their “person” even when they are so sad they can’t see it.

You are loved. I am loved. I have to remind myself that a lot. I had one of my “crying” friends send me a TikTok today… I’ll post it below. I honestly thought it was going to be a musical or something because we both love music and musical theatre. This is a friend you need guys and gals. A friend who reminds you of all the things you need to be reminded of! Someone who knows you and loves you for your faults and vulnerabilities; someone who will go out of their way to help you realize your value.

Me in all my “just rolled out the bed” glory. 🤣🤪

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