What is it? What is your purpose? What is my purpose? DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THEY WANNA BE WHEN THEY GROW UP?!!


I have no clue. 🤣🤣

Even while having a decade-long career in Dental Hygiene I would say “I don’t know what I’m gonna be when I grow up.”

I’ve already bored you with my story of walking away from my career to become a SAHM due to Covid.

It is just that it has LITERALLY been the BEST THING EVER for me. (My kids may argue that statement 😉)

This time a year ago I was so excited to be able to sit in on Live Devotionals with Dr. Melody Stevens on her FB page “Fit + Faith”. I had stumbled across her Podcast a year or two before and was so excited to finally get to hear it IN THE MOMENT! SO COOL!

I was a wandering little girl in a grown up body. I did not have a constant, deeply-rooted faith in God. I was just a little seedling!

My faith has become so much stronger and I have learned so much from Dr. Melody and her group. I have met some amazing ladies who are so kind-hearted that are always there to help one another and pray for one another. I’m not a full grown Oak Tree yet, and doubt I will ever be there, as we are constantly growing and learning. But my roots are getting deeper and firmer!

I say ALL that to bring us here. To the Right Now.

Through that group I met a lady. Dr. Melody knew I had a specific problem I had overcome and now this lady was walking that same treacherous path, so she introduced us. When I say we hit it off, I mean it’s like, we are almost the same person. Twins separated at birth-though there’s a 10 year age gap? 🤣🤣🤣 I DUNNO! LOL!

What is cool is that I keep hearing and seeing the word “Serve” in different variations. Okay, God. You’re wanting me to serve. I get it; but can ya be a little more specific? 🤪🤪

My newfound friend is getting these same little messages and ideas from God. We finally told each other and figured out that God has a plan for us to do together!

You know how excited you are when you have the last handful of jigsaw puzzle pieces left on a monstrosity of a puzzle? The end is in sight! You can FINALLY visualize the whole picture!! That’s how my friend and I feel. We still have a lot of pieces to place, but we are figuring out the first step in our PURPOSE for God’s Will!

It is exciting. It is SO COOL to hear that God is showing ME things in Alabama while showing my friend things in Indiana. Hours apart but God is using us-together! Mind-blowing, right?

We don’t know all the things He has planned for us, but He is laying down on paver on the path at a time. Like an infant learning to toddle. One step at a time. Our baby bird selves are taking our leap out of the nest starting next Monday! EEK 😬😬🥴🥴👏🏼👏🏼

We are EXCITED and NERVOUS but READY to bless others and help them!!

If you have made it to the bottom of this here post, congrats! LOL! I would like to formally extend and invitation. To what? Well, that depends. What do YOU need? If you are lost in what God’s PURPOSE is for you, if you know what it is but you’re SCARED, reach out to me! I would absolutely love to chat with you and pray with you. All the things!! God is always wanting more for you… He is ready to open doors for you, but you have to unlock that dead bolt first, so He can swing it open!!

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