Warrior Mama’s

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

God bless all of you who are biological, adoptive or step mama’s.

The women who are not Mom’s but are the special “Aunt” that friends kids or neighborhood kids turn to for love, comfort or advice.

Women in general are Amazing!

We can look to the Bible and see many important roles that women play. We, as women, since the beginning of time, have been downplayed and dismissed. In some cases, there is a lot of truth in that. But we have to remember that MEN were the authors; we have to remember the SOURCE. There are LOTS of women who were WARRIORS. Look at Esther!!!! She saved SO many PEOPLE!!

So: Women. Moms. Step Moms. Crazy Aunts. We are WARRIORS! Warriors for JESUS. Men may still dismiss us but God never has. He has always been in ALL of His children’s corner.

God has been whispering in my and my friends ear that we are to gather up our “armor” and get ready to be Warriors for Him! And no, I don’t mean a literal war and actual shields and swords. We are definitely going out of our comfort zones to spread the Word of God and reach those who NEED to be served and loved!

If you’re interested in joining us LIVE as we go through this, EMAIL ME! I would love to give you the deets! (By the way. Totally free!). Peace and Love to all!

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