Armor of God

What is that?

In Ephesians 6:10-18, Paul writes about the armor of God.

When we become believers and followers of Christ, we know the Holy Spirit is dwelling within us, but we also take on God’s enemies as our own.

Who is this “enemy” ?

THE DEVIL! SATAN! That slimy serpent, more poisonous than any rattler we have here in Alabama!

The battle is God’s, but we are His soldiers, thus we will be attacked by the enemy. In our thoughts more often than not.

A friend and I are doing a 7 week study on The Armor of God over on our FB page “Women Warriors Seeking God.” Today was day 1 and we discussed the Helmet of Salvation.

If you feel like you are constantly feeling negative thoughts and hearing negative words from others, I encourage you to follow us on that page and dissect these pieces of armor with us! There is CONSTANT spiritual warfare out there, yall, and we need to turn to His Word and lean on each other!


There’s the link to today’s video!

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