TW: Substance Abuse. Death.

Substance Abuse.

Two words you can say in passing around kids and they’ll never pick up on it.

Two words that sound harmless; far away; not affecting you. right?


Substance Abuse is defined as “overindulgence in or dependence on an addictive substance, especially alcohol or drugs.”

My family is ridden with substance abuse. Maybe that’s why the words don’t bother me-because it’s such a common occurrence. And that is a dang shame.

I have friends who have lost THEIR friends due to substance abuse: whether it was due to an overdose or driving under the influence.

I’ve had friends and family members hauled to jail for DUI’s. I know someone in their 30’s and was recently diagnosed with PARKINSON’s. In their 30s!!! Because they used some dirty heroine some years before. I have personally been put into awkward, inexcusable situations due to OTHERS being intoxicated.

Tonight, the words Substance Abuse ring louder than they have in a long time; like my ear is next to a gong, reverberating round and round and over and over.

That call you don’t expect to receive.

Someone WAY too young taken from this world.

Someone who had recently quit doing drugs, but the damage was done.

Someone who went to sleep and never woke up. Someone who won’t get to see their children graduate high school or college, or get married and have babies.

Someone who LOVED babies and little kids.

It’s tough when people die. But when it’s so senseless, so untimely, it’s that much worse.

Ya know, I was so proud of this person because they were really trying to turn their life around. Got away from the bad influences. Her kids were ecstatic to have their mama back to being, well, their mama. She even made a post about it and I told her I was so proud of her. I meant it.

Substance Abuse is awful. Addiction is awful. It is TOUGH. You feel like you can never get through it but you CAN! I also know people who HAVE recovered and HAVE overcome their addictions. The blood of Jesus CAN save you from ALL the things.

He came to earth to die on the cross so that we MAY GO TO HEAVEN! Jesus performed miracles in the Bible. Jesus is still performing miracles. So even if you or someone you know is so far down the path of destruction and you think there is no hope-THERE IS! God is bigger than ANY addiction.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse or any addictions, please email me. I’d LOVE the opportunity to pray with and for you!

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