Have you been to that point, screaming those words at your family?
I’m sure we all have. You can picture it now.

You wake up, in a rush, barely shove the kids out in the line in front of the school and make it to your job on time…your coffee is cold:which turns out to be a good thing because you spill it all over yourself running into the office. OH, it’s 7:59A.M. btw, but hey, ya made it! 😵🥴

You’re workday is INSANE and that is putting it mildly. You fly to the school and pick the kids up 4 minutes before the after-school care starts charging extra. You and the kids are a whirlwind with backpacks, lunchboxes, thermos’s, purses, briefcases-ALL the things- and then you walk through the door, and everything lands THERE. In the WAY. You stumble over all of it trying to unhook your bra and kick your shoes off simultaneously so you can be comfy while you cook. oh CRAP! The dog. The dog hasn’t peed in 10 hours and he has to be walked on a leash because his tiny furry brain doesn’t understand that he could pee in the fenced-in backyard. He thinks he can only pee when on a leash….You get your shoes back on and start putting your bra back on but-pshhhh who cares. Let the tata’s fly away.

Puppy has done his thing. Now WHAT IN THE HECK IS FOR SUPPER??!! Cold cereal or takeout is sounding really really good about this time, but hubby hates cereal (crazy man!!!) and we realllllllllllllllllllllllllly don’t need to order out again judging by the zillion dollars we spent last month. The kids are telling you all about every nanosecond of their day while also being mean to their siblings. And they need a snack because they’re starrrrrrrrrrrrrving. You get frozen chicken out of the freezer and toss in the instapot so you can create some random, hopefully tasty, dinner. Oh, did I mention the kids are hollering for a snack. AHHHHH… You scream for everyone to GO AWAY and LEAVE YOU ALONE so you can just have 35.5 seconds of SILENCE for the first time since our eyes open.

Tell me I’m not alone and this is YOUR life too!! Okay, you don’t even have to tell me. Because I know you were with me every step of the way just then. You probably anticipated exactly what I was going to say next, right? HAH!

Oh, the joys of motherhood. When you’re pregnant, everyone tells you to sleep while you can. You’re going to be exhausted for years. Having a newborn is no joke””, they say. Okay, well what about the rest of it? Ain’t NONE of it easy, Ive got to say!!! Parenting is all hills. You finally climb to the top of one hill and think you got this thing conquered. Thennnn there’s another hill. And let’s not forget that aside from the fact that you are a mom of your precious minions, you are also a wife, a daughter, an employee/employer, women’s ministry leader, and so on and so on. We, as women, tend to wear a lot of hats. Did you notice that I failed to mention one other role we play? If you didn’t, I’m going to tell you now. Lean in. Ya ready? “You are also just simply, YOU.” That’s right. You are YOU. Unless you are like ME and don’t even remember who YOU is anymore.

Here you are, screaming at EVERYONE because you are trying to do ALL the things and not getting ANYTHING done. The house is always a mess. Something is always left at home and the kids need it at school. Leave my own lunch sitting on the kitchen counter. No clean socks. That stinks. Literally. 😣 You think back to your school days. What happened to organized, super smart me? ha. Her brain cells left and went into the baby’s brains. #mombrain To top it off, you don’t even have a second to spare for 5 minutes to poop in peace, much LESS take a bubble bath.

Does that sound like you? I know it sounded like ME.

Then I quit my career job and became a SAHM/WAHM. I would love to tell you it has been an amazingly smooth transition. But Jesus tells me not to lie, soooo… I’ll be honest. It was a straight UP train wreck. I felt like I had SO MUCH TIME to do ALL the things. Then nothing got done because “look! a distraction!” followed by “there’s always tomorrow!!!” Next thing you know, “tomorrow” was 3 weeks ago and that cool thing you wanted to do STILL hasn’t happened. I was so busy taking all the bubble baths and being LAZYYY after being so wide friggin open for YEARS, that when I had the opportunity to come up from air. There I sat on my couch “eating bon bon’s ” and not being productive. Super Organized Straight A student, to Absolutely, Unorganized Chaos, Followed by Lazy Lizzy.

Can I someone mix all three of those together to make just a seemingly “normal” mom role??

Enter time blocking. GAME. CHANGER. I have literally just now begun implementing time blocking and I have gotten SO MUCH MORE DONE! Pair that with the all natural booster drink that we offer with our company, and BOOM! I’m like Mary Poppins and getting things done lickety split. Need your car towed? Don’t worry, I’ll push it where it needs to go, while I’m stirring mac n cheese because I’m like the FLASH. I’m doing THE THINGS! The THINGS i have needed to do for the past…oh….30 weeks or so. No biggy. It’s fine. HAHAH!

Are YOU an organized human? I would LOVE to hear any advice or tips. Leave em in the comments below!! How do YOU stay organized??!!

Up next I will be sharing a glimpse into MY time-blocking schedule!

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