Time-Blocking, huh?

In my last post, I touched on my chaotic, fly by the seat of my pants lifestyle.

Three words I would use to describe how I felt during those times: chaotic, unorganized, and stressed.

So stressed.

How can I be mommy, wifey, Teacher, Chef, Maid, AND plain ol’ ME?

I, like most of y’all, have SO many irons in the fire-or wearing too many hats. However you wanna say it! Either way I wasn’t getting anywhere fast.

I found this image on Google images. It ain’t mine! 🙂 but if fits perfectly, eh!?

I was busy from sunup to sun down but by day’s end, I’d reflect on my productivity and scratch my head wondering what I had actually accomplished.

Tell me I’m not alone!

I listened to a free course on Time-Blocking by this lady named Chelsi Jo: https://www.chelsijo.co. She also has some actual workshops you can pay for that takes you WAY more in depth with systemizing your life!

Ok. So. We can ONLY wear one literal hat at a time and not look and feel crazy right? Same concept applies to our LIVES! If you are trying to MOM while you are also cooking and folding laundry, something/someone is gonna get the short end of the stick. Your dinner is going to burn. Your kid is going to roll his/her eyes and claim “you NEVERRRR listen to meeee!!” If you are messaging with a client/customer while homeschooling your kid, you are doing a disservice to your chid AND your customer. So just STOP!

When my son started Kindergarten, he was so excited because he would no longer have to take a nap. “We take 5 minute brain breaks” his tiny self told me.

I LOVE that! Brain breaks! We can wear all the proverbial hats: just NOT at the same time! take the time to stop, remove one hat, let your scalp breathe and then put the next hat on.

I know you don’t want to hear what I’m about to say. But mama’s and daddy’s: wake up EARLIER! Get up EARLIER than your kids. I.Despise.Mornings. Half the tiktok’s my husband sends me are of people or animals being super disgruntled when they wake up. That’s me. I GET it! I will snooze for that extra 5 minutes. But then what happens? Now you’re late and the chaos is happening. We have to get OFF THAT HAMSTER WHEEL! I’m going to say it again loud and clear for y’all noddin off in the back: Step 1: WAKE UP EARLIER.

It sucks. It does. But it gets better. That early morning quiet time will be like a salve for your soul.

My early morning time: get dressed, drink my Arise (interested in what Arise is? email/message me!), head out for a morning walk listening to some sort of self development-typically Faith-based. When I get back, I have my own “quiet time” with God. Do my devotional, read the Bible and pray about ALL the things. Doing ALL these things first thing in the morning have become imperative for me. They help me to start my day calm, cool and collected. This time sets the tone for my day which extends to the tone for my family’s day.

When the kids start waking up and having breakfast, that’s my first “brain break”. We chit chat about all the things kiddos love to talk about as well as unload the dishwasher, start a load of laundry, clean off the table, sweep around the table and pick up living room. These are MUSTS for every day for us because those are our messiest places. We also have a daily chore list. (Ex: Tuesday is Bathroom day, Wednesdays is Kitchen day!). Once the kids are content and done with me and run off to play, my brain break is over and Hi-Ho, it’s off to work I go!

3 days a week my friend and I go Live with a devotional. So we do our thing, then I work on my follow ups, answer customer questions, watch company-related news and videos and so on and so forth. This is typically a 1.5 hour block.

Now it is Brain break time! Usually the kids and I take the dog for a good walk, let him stretch his shirt little legs, we breathe in the fresh air and soak in the sunshine. Sometimes the littlest does my make up which is ALWAYS a blast. (She also does her own and won’t let me! How is that fair?! 😤🤪🤪)

Now it’s lunch time! We typically eat lunch as a family. Make sure the kids clean up their own spots because that helps cut down on the messes LATER-why do later what can be done now? Also, I want to teach my kids-consistently-to not be slobs. I didn’t have that growing up!!! Once the table it cleared and I throw the dirty dishes in dishwasher (slowly load throughout the day to cut down on what will be stress later when you have NO clean silverware!!!) it is time for school.

Yep, we typically do school after lunch! So we do the homeschool thing. Put away all our school stuff, and they’re ready to run and be wild. We usually walk the dog around this time too.

Then I will work again for another 1-2 hours on content and research!

Then I’m DONEZO with my work day. We all just hang out and play or watch tv as a fam jam (minus daddy because he’s working) and have dinner.

We put the kids to bed and go hang out in the living room and talk about our days. Just enjoying being in each other’s presence as people who aren’t JUST mommy and daddy, but actual people too!

There is NO specific time for anything EXCEPT bedtimes annnd I wake up at 7 to get my walk in EARLY Because nobody wants to walk in 90° and 84% humidity! 🤣 thanks Alabama! But aside from my wake up time, it’s a structured schedule around our natural flow.

So there ya have it, my very rough outline of my time blocking schedule! Next time, I’ll share with you how to create your own time blocked schedule!

I hope this helps you!!

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