Routines and Block Schedules

Yes, I’ve got more to say!

Only because I know you need more info.

I know I have to work in little pockets throughout the day because I have two littles. Even when I am in my cloffice (closet office) trying to do my thing, the kids come in no less than 510 times! 🤣

Remember, chelsijo.co has ALL of these things and MORE than she teaches!

There are 2 main things you should consider when making your time blocked schedule. Your EMOTIONS and your NON NEGOTIABLES.

Emotions? Why? Everything that happens to you and around you affects your emotions. If your house is super messy, it can cause anxiety for a lot of people. If you are doing too much all the time, you’re going to be stressed and snappy. See what I’m saying? So think about your life from the moment your eyes open in the morning til they close at night. Walk yourself through your day and assess “how does that make you feel?” 🤣

Non-Negotiable’s. Well that sounds harsh, and besides, what the heck do you mean? These are things that will help your emotions. Huh? Remember how I just said if your house is a cluttered mess it will usually bring on a lot of anxiety? An example of a Non-negotiable would be to clean your house for at least 30 minutes every day. Your kids SHOULD HELP as well! They can gather up their toys so you can vacuum. (If your house is currently OUT of control, this Saturday get ready for you and your hubby to don your cleaning gloves! Get it to a good clean point! This makes the 30/day way more feasible to actually get a noticeable difference. 😉)

Meal planning. Another BIG non-negotiable. For some reason my hubby gets frustrated when we order out several days a week. 🤣 not to mention that is NOT healthy-or near as yummy. When do you grocery shop? Do you just grab random things but don’t think about MEALS? Girl…Dude… to get started, simply write down the days of the week. And then write out some of your fav meals next to those days of the week. Super simple. If you get stuck, Google or Pinterest “meal plan ideas”. There are BEAUCOUPS of ideas, yall!

Mama’s wearing your 17 different hats, does your hubby complain because you don’t have time for him? Having a dedicated time set aside for HIM should be a non-negotiable.

Now. These non-negotiables? Put these in your phone calendar so your phone screams at you to remind you to DO those things.

Do the things. DO.THE.THINGS! It has helped my life SO STINKING MUCH!

5 Time Blocks: 1) Morning Routine Block 2) A.M. Block. 3) WORK Block. 4) P.M. Block. 5) Night Time Routine Block

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