Vision vs. Train Wreck

Ooph. What are you doing with your life? Is it a train wreck? Do you constantly ask yourself “WHAT THE HECK AM I EVEN DOING?”

I’ve been there. It was dark and lonely. Solomon points it out clearly to us here in Proverbs. The cool thing is that God is super personal. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. We all have a different calling. You can just straight up ask God “what the heck am I SUPPOSED to be doing?!!” And He WILL tell you.

I struggled for YEARS with what I was supposed to be doing. Even with a career in dental hygiene-which I LOVED- I still felt like there was something MORE for me. James 1:5 tells us “if ANY of you lack wisdom, you should ask God….” Well, okay, that’s pretty simple, right?

Oh wait, but there’s more. The rest of that verse says “…God…who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU.”
Guys. Just ask HIM. If you believe it, you’ll receive it. Seek first HIS kingdom, and He will give you all the things.

Need help getting off your train wreck of a hamster wheel of a life? Try putting God in the front of your train wreck. He will get ya straightened out. And best of all, He will use your train wreck that you stayed on for so long as a way to HELP OTHERS! It’s so cool.

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