Provision from God

My life has been super busy the past week. I’ve been taking turns sitting with a sick family member. that is TAXING, but special. Add to that fact that we are moving soon (eeek! We bought a house!) my brain is tired and I’m struggling with juggling all the things!

My calendar popped up and said “blog” and I threw my hands up and said “What do I even blog about? My brain is mush.” So I bowed my head and said “God, can you please give me an idea of what to blog——-‘I provided for you.’” That was my thought process. I believe that when I am thinking of something else and a seemingly random thought pops in my head like that, that it is from God. Hence the blog post today will be about HIS provision!

As I mentioned, we are buying a home. First time homebuyers/owners! Exciting with a side of terrifying. 🤣🤣

My husband, the accountant, is spazzing a little on the inside thinking about alllll these little costs that add up more and more into a big sum of money. I mean, he’s not wrong. 😑 Everything costs money when buying the house-aside from just the huge amount of the HOME.

My husband was especially panicky one particular day, and I was the cool cucumber saying “God’s got this” but my darling hubby was so anxious about it all, it was beginning to rub off on me. I was starting to get nervous. My friend and I went Live the following day on our Devotional we do a few times a week. (Find our page on FB at Women Warriors Seeking God!) Right after our Live, I was going to do my quiet time. I prayed “God, show me what I need to see today!”

I opened to 2 Kings 4. Are you familiar with that chapter? I was familiar with the story it begins with. I just started laughing and tearing up immediately. The story is about the widow, whose husband was a student of the prophet Elisha. The widow was BROKE and her sons were about to be sold off as slaves so her husbands debts could be repaid. Elisha told the woman to pour olive oil into all the jars she can find and she will have enough to provide for her and her sons until they’re old enough to earn wages AND pay off all the debts. That’s pretty substantial considering it’s Olive Oil, right? WOW! God is so good! He took olive oil and turned around a widow and her son’s fate because of her FAITH! By my turning to this particular chapter, I know God was telling me HE HAS GOT ME and MY FAMILY!! Just like He had the widow and her son’s. I just have to have faith in HIM.

And it was TRUE! I found out that afternoon that the cost to close on the home was going to be cheaper than what they originally said. That saves us a couple thousand!! The closing attorney fees were going to be a couple hundred dollars less.

I have been searching homeowners insurance companies and getting quotes. 😫😫 yall. It has INSANE! They were DOUBLE what the mortgage lender had been estimating. DOUBLE down to the penny. No matter who I spoke to. I finally accepted the fact it was just going to be that much. Then Geico reached back out to me (we use them for auto as well.) but a local agent. They quoted me $500 LESS!

$500 here, $200 there, couple grand here, all SAVED!

God is SO GOOD! He provided for us over and over. It’s been such a blessing. He is so good. All He asks us to do is trust Him. He is our daddy. He loves us and He chose us. We believe and so it will be!

Has He ever provided for you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! 🥰🥰

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