Today’s post is going to be like a little Bible Study but bear with me!

From the beginning…God has taken care of His people.


How often have we, as HIS followers, felt defeated and like God has left us in our times of troubles?

Genesis=the beginning.
The first book of the Bible.

In Genesis 12, God told Abraham all the ways He, God, would take care of him, Abram/Abraham. When you flip to Genesis 17 we see God changes Abram’s name to Abraham and that’s when the BIG covenant takes place and what the old “Father Abraham, had many sons, many sons had Father Abraham” song is referring to. He also says Abraham will have a son named Isaac and that God will have a covenant with him as well.

Let’s skip forward to Chapter 26 where we really see this covenant come to life and where I drive home the point of this post! lol! In verse 3 God tells Isaac He will give Isaac all these lands and will confirm the oath He had given Isaac’s daddy, Abraham.

This background info is important BECAUSE, Abraham was a very special dude to God, right? We just read that. Then we read that it carried on to his son, Isaac, and so on and so forth. We also read that there’s a famine happening and God has given Isaac specific instructions not to go to Egypt. Isaac stays in Gerar and ends up doing really well. Flourishing crops=rich man, and Isaac was loaded. So loaded that King Abimelek said “Bye Felicia. You gots to go.” So they pack up and head out and end up in the Valley of Gerar.

Isaac’s servants discover a fresh well of water and the herders of Gerar are all like “Nope. That’s ours.” That happened twice. Think of how much water we use a day. How much of our bodies are made up of water. Water IS a total necessity. Poor Isaac. He just got kicked out of one place, so he packed up his people and left Gerar and went to the Valley of Gerar and they won’t even let him set up a place to live! Could you image? And this is the guy God is like “Hey. I promise you ALL these things.” How would YOU have handled that situation? Would you be absolutely stressing and freaking out over how you need water? That you and your family and your servants need a safe place to lie down at night? Isaac is just like, ooookay, let’s go dig over here.

He didn’t give up. He wasn’t fearful. He knew that God didn’t want him there. He knew God was saying, “Go a little further. You’re not quite where I need you just yet.” So when his servants dug the third well, nobody argued with him. So he named this well “Rehoboth” which means room. Because as verse 22 says, “Now the Lord has given us room and we will flourish in the land.”

Yes, you go through hard times. You may even be homeless. BUT it is NOT BECAUSE GOD HAS LEFT YOU. It’s because you aren’t where you need to be yet. Sometimes we are stubborn and don’t ever want to leave our comfy and cozy little spot and you refuse to listen to Him. God has to nudge you. The GOOD NEWS IS, that wherever God takes you, He WILL take care of you. You have a calling!! God wants you to find out that calling so you CAN BLESS OTHERS. He WILL provide for you, just as He did for Isaac right here in Genesis 26. Then when He provides, mannnn, it’s going to be so good! He is going to bless you! Others will be watching how you handle your circumstances is. In these hard times, do you continue to be a light for our Lord, or do you become miserable and your light goes out? I’ve been there too. But just like in verse 28, Abimelek told Isaac when they showed up at his new homeplace, “We saw clearly that the Lord was with you” and verse 29 “…and now you are blessed by the Lord.”

WooHOOOO!!! God’s going to BLESS YOU!! You just have to TRUST and OBEY. He is never going to leave you! He is right there cheering you on and loving on you and ready to provide!!

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