Eating Soul Food

For over a decade I was in the dental field. Early on
I began to notice a pattern.

As I would review my patient’s health histories, if there was a patient with-anxiety, depression, mood disorders, fibromyalgia (and of course the obvious like type 2 diabetes and heart issues)- they were typically overweight/obesity.

If we are feeling emotionally bad, we usually eat bad. But then what happens? You get on this crazy cycle and continue to eat badly, right?

I’m not calling YOU out, but myself. This is me: all wrapped up in a pretzel knot covered in bacon. Mmm pretzel bites dipped in cheese sauce 🤤

Wait. What? Whew.

Not a healthy relationship with food. 😥

I have finally had enough and got real good and mad about it. I do NOT want to have my pill organizer filled with a zillion meds like my 84 year old grandmother.

I’m 31 and supposed to be at the prime of my life. Most importantly, as the Holy Spirit has pointed out to me recently…I am supposed to honor my body-as a temple. Oooof. Because it IS that. We are a temple->for the Holy Spirit.

I hope you join me as I take a deep, deep dive over the next few weeks as I learn about the correlation between food and mental health.

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