Moved and Almost settled

It totally rained cats and dogs the first half of the move.

Those poor guys worked their tails off IN THE RAIN with a driveway that is SOOOO steep they had to use a shuttle.

They used this little truck pictured above to carry stuff down to the road and then load the big trucks up, then drive the shuttle back up. Wash, rinse, repeat. It was yucky work and somebody had to do it; but I sure am glad they did it rather than us! 🤪🤪

It took 4 hours to load all the stuff with this stupid driveway!!!

And only 2 hours to unload at the new house.

So when looking at a home, take note of the driveway! Because if it’s super steep, movers will charge you lottts more 🤣🤣 💸💸💸

Back to your regularly scheduled programming later this week as we dive into some of the TOP mental health issues!!

Thanks for hanging with me during the move!

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