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Pick that Towel back UP!

Life is HARD! You know that. That is why you are here. Because I know that too and I write about it. 🤣🤣

Life here on earth sucks so freakin bad sometimes. I’ve cried half the morning.

We have had a horrible week with the kids. It rained for like a week so they were stuck inside. We still stay away from most places to try to keep ourselves safe from the stupid rona. And dang it, I’m at my freakin wits end.

Not only am I stay at home mom, I’m also a homeschool mom. I wear all the hats: chef, laundromat worker, maid, gardener, teacher, mom, wife. Then I do my MIG stuff for fun, but also to get all the products I want for free while adding some dollars to our pockets. I love doing all the things. I love seeing ideas come to life and they FLOURISH!

But being a mom…it doesn’t happen like that. There’s no instant gratification. You spend a solid hour cleaning and 16 seconds later the kids walk by and your work is RUINED! 😩😭🤯

It is HARD.

I started this blog because I wanted to do something for ME. Then it became clear to me why I was really here. I want to help YOU.

I can help YOU by sharing exactly what I go through. Through is a word that means to continue, or move from one thing to another.

So yes, you may be angry, you may be depressed or so anxious you can’t see straight. You may feel so alone and unheard or unseen. You may throw in your towel…but ya know what you can do? You can always pick that towel back up!

You can walk away and get your head on straight. Find a quiet place and just pray or listen to worship music, or maybe you just sit in silence.

God knows what’s going on with you whether you tell Him or not. He will find a way to reassure you.

I saw this post first thing this morning when I had thrown my towel down and was deep in the trenches. So it resonated LOUD with me.

I got off social media and cried and walked and drove around. Hours later I get back on social and what do I see?

I see that^^^^ and then I ALSO see this… 👇🏼

These were literally back to back on my news feed.

You may not be able to see Him in physical form, but He is right there beside you.

He sees you.

He hears you.

He loves you!

Blessings and Love,


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