Say NO to Negative Thoughts.

It’s Monday, so what better day to talk about disappointments, am I right?

The weekend is over and it’s back to the dreaded job…
You wake up late.
Your kids don’t want to get up.
You spill coffee on yourself.
You have to stop and get gas.
Your clothes are inside out or backwards.
You wore two different shoes.
You wore your SLIPPERS.
You put eyeliner on only one eye.
You put food in the crockpot but never plugged the thing in.
You left your lunchbox sitting on the counter at home.

I have literally done every single one of those things!!! LOL!
And while I can laugh now, I most likely didn’t within the moment.

All of these things are just random situations that happen and have happened to all of us at certain times.

I did a training recently that taught us that “circumstances do NOT have emotions.”

Uhm, okay? What does that MEAN?!

It means you CHOOSE the emotion. 🎵🎤You’ve got the power!!🎤🎵

When I wore my scrub pants inside out AND backwards to work-yes, I really did that-🤪 I could have chosen to be embarrassed and then my heart rate would go up and I’d be all jittery and feeling like crap. ORRRR, I could take a minute, turn my pants around the RIGHT way and choose how I deal with it. Own it. Laugh at yourself! It’s FUNNY! And you KNOW you’re not the only one!

So this week, CHOOSE your feelings and emotions for a certain situation and THEN you will achieve the result you WANT!

Do you want everyone laughing AT you, or laughing WITH you.

I’d rather people laugh WITH me. Fix your britches right, go back out there and say “Tell me it’s Monday without telling me it’s Monday: I wore my pants INSIDE OUT AND BACKWARDS TO WORK!!!” You’ll have a funny outlook so you’ll giggle and they will giggle along WITH you!

Laughter is the best medicine, ya know! So you’ll have no choice to turn your frown upside down!

In all seriousness, this week, work to implement this method. You can’t choose your situation or circumstances but you CAN choose your emotion, feeling and attitude. You may find you have better results in life by choosing to take your THOUGHTS CAPTIVE! That’s what it’s all about 💗💗👏🏼👏🏼

Blessings and Love,


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