Revelation on Noah

Noah was righteous and found favor in the eyes of the Lord. God chose Noah to build the ark. Not only did Noah do this and obey all of God’s commands…
Y’all know what he did as soon as he got off the boat?

This hit me hard y’all.

🤯He didn’t build a house or dig a hole for a potty or whatever they did back then. Didn’t pull out his phone and post on IG or FB that he #madeitthroughtheflood 😅

What did he do?

He immediately got busy building an alter for the Lord. The very first thing he did once he was safely back on solid ground was worship God.

I’m not sure how I would react having just climbed off a huge boat after a year of being sea sick….I’m reluctant to say I’d be like Noah.

It’s one thing to say God is #1 in your life. It’s another to actually act on that.

I just ate a slice of humble pie.

Blessings and Love,


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