Disastrous Trifecta

I mentioned last post I was struggling for a while weeks.

It came as a surprise because I have been doing really well overall.

This wasn’t full of suicidal thoughts or anything like that, thankfully. I’ve been there for sure!

Then it all came to a head last week and I was SO overwhelmed and depressed. This was like grief. It felt like someone I loved had just died. I was just crying and crying. Hyperventilating. A hot mess!

While I was NOT okay, I did have breakthrough.

What do I mean?

Well, the past few weeks have gotten increasingly worse so I called a Christian counselor and had an appointment. She gave me a few personal tasks to complete.

Those all helped a lot and I’m still doing some of them, like journal my feelings every day. (Which is really helpful by the way!)

There are 3 things that are imperative to help us battle through these bad mental times.

1. Deal with the past. Don’t ignore it. The counselor is helping me with my past that I have buried so deep and never dealt with. Let’s move on!

2. Exercise. Even walking for 20 minutes a day can help SO much.

3. Eat HEALTHY. I really recommend Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety by Dr. Drew Ramsey. One thing I learned a while back was to choose foods that naturally boost serotonin!

Over the next 3 weeks I will be doing a deep dive into those 3 points. So y’all make sure to subscribe so you won’t miss all 3 parts.

We want you happy, healthy and functioning WELL!!

Blessings and Love,

Elizabeth 💗

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