Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and were able to remember the real reason of Christmas!! I know it’s probably different for a lot of people this year with so much sickness going around, but I hope and pray you are all well and still enjoyed a blessing-filled day.

It is the start of a new YEAR!! How crazy is that?

The best way to help our MENTAL health is to have good PHYSICAL health.

If you are like me and gave up on New Year Resolutions because you don’t want to disappoint yourself, I have a suggestion for you.

Instead of obsessing about ALL the changes you should make at the same time, becoming overwhelmed and setting yourself up for failure, choose ONE thing a month that you can do to establish a healthier temple for the Holy Spirit.

Because our bodies ARE the temple, right?!

That being said, I challenge you to strive towards drinking a gallon of water this month. If you don’t drink ANY water, start with drinking 80 oz. Then gradually increase. YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Jesus spoke of the living water, so it seems like a great place to start.

*TIP* Get a 40 oz water bottle with a straw and fill it up twice a day if you’re brand new to water. Drinking from a straw helps SO much!!!

Blessings and Love,

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