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Throw the Rotten Apple Down

Genesis 3. The chapter in the Bible when things realllllly shifted. That sneaky little serpent showed up and showed out and here we are, eons later, still dealing with it.

It. The serpent. The devil. The enemy. Satan. Whatever you want to call it.

The enemy loves to sneak in and cause you to doubt what you KNOW is true.

Adam and Eve KNEW that God said, “You’re welcome to eat everything except from THIS TREE RIGHT HERE.”

The serpent said, “Oh goodness me, you’ll be fiiiiiiine! Look how pretty and shiny this apple is!!”

Obviously I’m paraphrasing and not quoting, but you get the point.

The enemy wants to be God. He wants to be all powerful and in control-just like the villain in every Disney movie out there, right? We know that he is not powerful. We know he has already lost the battle because Jesus has won!

That doesn’t mean the sneaky little devil doesn’t whisper things in your ear. Things you KNOW are wrong, yet you choose to do them because, like with Eve, “the apple looks so perfect and shiny.”

The devil is a conniving, scheming snake who wants to see you struggle. He wants to see you go against what you KNOW is true. Then he wants you to carry around that guilt and shame forever. Misery loves company, and the devil definitely feels the more misery, the better.

We all mess up. We all have sinned. We have all listened to his whispering lies and chosen the apple that’s shiny on the outside but rotten and full of worms on the inside.

The cool thing is that we can spit OUT that rotten apple, rinse our mouth out and move ON with our lives. Jesus has fixed that for us. We are easily forgiven. All you have to do is pray and repent, and you’re forgiven quicker than you can brush your teeth to make sure are all the worm germs are gone!

Don’t carry any rotten apples around because Satan has made you feel like you don’t have a choice.

You DO have a choice. God is right there waiting for you. You’re letting the weight of those rotten apples keep you from running to Him. Throw the rotten apples down and run to Him and repent!

Blessings and Love,


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