Spring Out of Your Depression

As most of you know, this blog is geared towards those of us who suffer from anxiety and depression. We talk about different ways to combat it from food to exercise and any other little thing.

Today I want to talk about being outside.

It’s almost SPRING! Hallelujah! D

id you know roughly 10 million Americans suffer with SAD? (Seasonal Affective Disorder.)

I am definitely lumped into that group!😩😩

That being said, with spring being right around the corner, I have an assignment for you!

Write down a list of 10 things you LOVE to do OUTSIDE! That way once spring officially arrives, you have an action plan to get OUT of the house and get to it!

Examples could be sitting on your back porch sipping coffee and listening to the birds. Watching the sunrise or sunset. Going for a walk. Going on a hike. Paddling down a little river in a canoe. White water rafting. Going out on the boat. Planting a garden. Having a flower bed.

I’m sure there are oodles more but that’s what came to my brain right off the bat.

Which of these sounds fun to you? Comment below and tell me some of your favorites!

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