Boundaries are HARD

Being a people pleaser means you often don’t have boundaries put up to protect yourself.

We want to be like Jesus and we try to love everyone.

Especially those of us who have been hurt by those who should have protected us.

Trauma-am I right?

Aside from placing boundaries for our protection from certain toxic family members and friends, we may need to place them in our work place. Or the random odd job.

Once upon a time I partnered with a company who claimed to love Jesus. The company was God-breathed. Given to the company’s founder in a dream from God. I wasn’t interested in another MLM, but this one sounded like an amazing opportunity. To partner with a multitude of like-minded women who loved Jesus. Brought to this company for that very reason.

Until one day our God-centered comments were deleted on a team call. We were told not to speak of God for fear of excluding those who don’t believe.

Many of us felt defeated and manipulated. In marketing, you are taught to “niche down” and “what does your avatar look like?” To this company, it was now apparent it’s about the bottom line, not God. We were tricked and we weren’t happy about that.

What to do, what to do….

I went back and forth for weeks. I can still run my business as I want. I can sprinkle Jesus all up in there.

It still didn’t sit right. How am I any better than the founder if I continue to settle for what, a little side money?

For weeks my face ran hot and red, I felt my blood pressure was high and I wasn’t sure why. I dreaded any team call or talking to anyone within the company because I knew IT would be brought up. I couldn’t put my finger on why it was stressing me out so much.

Then I quit. I emailed the corporate office and told them to terminate my business license, as I no longer align with the company. It wasn’t to be dramatic or take a dig at the company. It was because I am terrible at upholding boundaries. I knew If I didn’t do something in a permanent way, I would continue to waver or maybe even give in.

The MOMENT I hit send on that resignation email, I felt a peace that truly surpasses understanding-or words LOL. I knew 100% that the whole time the Holy Spirit had been telling me to get out.

I had finally listened.

See, we place boundaries to protect ourselves. We are a temple for the Holy Spirit.

If it’s not good for HIM or honoring to HIM, then it ain’t good for us, y’all!

So hear me and hear me loud…

Boundaries extend beyond certain people but to jobs or activities.

God will provide for you-especially when you are obeying and following HIS WILL!

Do you have a story similar to this? Would love to hear from you!!

Blessings and Love,


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