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May the Fourth be With You

Haha, sorry for the corny subject line. I’m not really a huge Star Wars fan. (Don’t come for me, now!!)


This phrase is ALL over the internet right now since it’s May 4th and it got me thinking. As we all know, the real phrase is May the FORCE be with you.

It’s also Mental Health Awareness Month and I’m making Star Wars and mental health mesh in this post!

What’s YOUR force? WhO is your force? Do you know where I’m going with this?

David looked like he was set up for his certain demise. What’d he do? He didn’t run and hide in his bedroom blasting music with a blanket over his head. Instead, he slung a rock and took down a menacing giant! Say whaaaa’?! How in the world did he manage such a feat? The force was definitely with him because God was with him.

Let’s go back in time to the days of Moses. Nothing like slamming a stick into the sand to make a sea PART and a seemingly magical walkway appears! Again, it was the force, or the WILL of GOD for the Israelites to be saved from the Egyptians.

Do you feel like God is calling you to do something but the task seems so far-fetched and impossible? Are you letting fear stand in the way of carrying out the task or mission God has given you? Why? In nearly every case, it’s NOT actual death you’re facing like in Moses or David’s case. Most likely it’s anxiety of being embarrassed or the fear of failing God and yourself. Nobody likes to look stupid, right?

So this week I challenge you to do a few things:
1.Pray about what it is God has called you to do.
2.If you know what it is you’re supposed to do, pray for clarity in why you’re dragging your feet.
3. Make a Pros/Cons list about what you’re called to do. All the Pros will be used as your cheerleader in getting this task started. All the cons? Those aren’t necessarily reasons NOT to do what God has called you to do. Instead, you’re going to pray on those Cons and read the Bible to find answers. Feel free to reach out to me and I can talk through it with you.

If David made a Pros/Cons list, what do you think it would look like? Probably something like

Pros: I will be remembered forEVER for my determination. Forever and ever people will use my story to encourage others. Hopefully I will kill this mean giant and keep him from hurting others.
Cons: Failure. Judged by others due to my size. Probably death if Goliath just pushes me. He’s like a tree and I’m like a twig.

See what I’m saying? Without God, David’s cons list would become TRUTH. With God and God’s “force” or Will, all the Pros came true.

Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you and help you. HIS force is one to be reckoned with. He will always win. If you’re doing God’s work, you will never fail.

God. The Holy Spirit. That is who is your force. You may suffer from anxiety and depression. God’s voice is stronger than any self doubt and fear can be. No matter WHAT you are doing, no matter WHAT mental or physical state you are in, you CAN conquer any task God has set you to.

Blessings and Love,


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