About The Sparrow Mama

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Elizabeth and I am a married, at-home, “crunchy”, Christian mom. After years of suffering anxiety, depression, and PTSD, I had the revelation that it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. Some things I CAN control, like choosing to go to therapy. Another example of things you can start RIGHT NOW, is stop eating processed foods and not using toxic products. Did you know we come in contact with 500+ toxins per day? Yeah, I didn’t either. Do I live my life 100% perfect? Nope. But I strive to live as clean as possible because I can tell it makes a HUGE impact on my MENTAL health. When your mental health is suffering you physically don’t feel good and often don’t look great, which just makes your mental health suffer WORSE. This blog is just me sharing ALL the things I do to help my mental health in the hopes that it helps you as well. Trying to live a more clean, natural life? Hop on over here and check out some of my fav products.

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*As someone who has battled anxiety and depression for most of her life, Matthew 6: 26 brings me comfort. I have struggled with mental health for years and have decided I will not let it run ME! I am taking back my life the way God intended and I want to share with other women what I have learned! Jesus came so we can have life ABUNDANTLY!*

💜Life is SO hard. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help.💛

Let’s build something together.