I shared this on my TikTok earlier and decided to share it here as well. You are AMAZING! Don’t ALLOW anyone else’s words or opinions to let you believe otherwise. If you weren’t meant to be here, God would not let you be here. You have a purpose. ❤️💗


Rock Tumblers and Tummy Monsters

I know nothing about rock tumblers. That’s just what my stomach sounds like when it starts doing whatever it is it does. It makes all kinds of crazy noises and it hurts soooo bad. When it gets really bad, it makes all the noise and causes all the pain without reprieve for a couple hours.… Continue reading Rock Tumblers and Tummy Monsters


Stomach Acid/Chewing Experiment

My previous blog post taught us how important our yucky slobber is in a fun, yummy experiment. Today will be another Digestion Experiment! For our "candy experiment" we used peppermints because that's all we had on hand. I'm all about trying to use what we have! Today's experiment, Experiment #3, comes from the same site… Continue reading Stomach Acid/Chewing Experiment