Wasteful Wanda

Sorry if you're name is Wanda. I'm not just calling YOU out. This truly is for everyone! Back in June when I first got my shiny little compost bin, I was just excited to have a compost bin. Because. Well, it was cute and shiny! Oh, and I could cut down what we throw into… Continue reading Wasteful Wanda

Redneck Princesses

Did you know there are schools out there that ONLY school outside? My sister was telling me she has a friend who takes her Pre-K kid to a school that is strictly outside. They learn ABC's and 123's out in the sunshine-and rain. If rain is forecasted, parents dress kids as usual, and add rain-boots… Continue reading Redneck Princesses

Pour Some Sugar on….nothing. Just don’t do it.

Hi, I'm Eli, and I'm a sugar addict. No, I'm not poking fun or being silly. I have battled a sugar addiction for years.Did you know there is something called "Codependency" ? Have you ever heard that word before? Taken from mirriam-websterdictionary.com: "Definition of codependency:  a psychological condition or a relationship in which a person is… Continue reading Pour Some Sugar on….nothing. Just don’t do it.