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Redneck Princesses

Did you know there are schools out there that ONLY school outside? My sister was telling me she has a friend who takes her Pre-K kid to a school that is strictly outside. They learn ABC's and 123's out in the sunshine-and rain. If rain is forecasted, parents dress kids as usual, and add rain-boots… Continue reading Redneck Princesses

Pour Some Sugar on….nothing. Just don’t do it.

Hi, I'm Eli, and I'm a sugar addict. No, I'm not poking fun or being silly. I have battled a sugar addiction for years.Did you know there is something called "Codependency" ? Have you ever heard that word before? Taken from "Definition of codependency:  a psychological condition or a relationship in which a person is… Continue reading Pour Some Sugar on….nothing. Just don’t do it.