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Matthew 10:31 “Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”

Devil’s Lies

The second verse of Fear is a Liar by Zach Williams “When he told you were troubledYou’ll forever be aloneWhen he told you you should run awayYou’ll never find a homeWhen he told you you were dirtyAnd you should be ashamedWhen he told you you could be the oneThat grace could never change Fear he… Continue reading Devil’s Lies

What is Depression?

Depression. Darkness. Loneliness. Desolation. “Having the blues.” I’m not sure when I first began MY battle of depression. I was young. Much like the waves of the ocean, waves of depression would suddenly crash onto my childhood like onto a shore and wreck my sandcastle. It was unexpected. It was a deep sadness I couldn’t… Continue reading What is Depression?

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