Boundaries are HARD

Being a people pleaser means you often don’t have boundaries put up to protect yourself. We want to be like Jesus and we try to love everyone. Especially those of us who have been hurt by those who should have protected us. Trauma-am I right? Aside from placing boundaries for our protection from certain toxic… Continue reading Boundaries are HARD


Spring Out of Your Depression

As most of you know, this blog is geared towards those of us who suffer from anxiety and depression. We talk about different ways to combat it from food to exercise and any other little thing. Today I want to talk about being outside. It’s almost SPRING! Hallelujah! D id you know roughly 10 million… Continue reading Spring Out of Your Depression


DV Survivors and Victims

This is a heavy topic, but I wanted to share it with all of you.My friend and I have been in yucky, abusive situations. Those times bring out scary, overwhelming, confusing feelings. We felt like there was nowhere to turn or we were just overwhelmed nothing clicked in our brains as to WHAT WE SHOULD… Continue reading DV Survivors and Victims


Desires of YOUR Heart? 🤔

As an entrepreneur that is a Christian, I walk in a circle with a lot of other Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs. A common theme seems to be “God wants to give you the desires of your heart.” Well, yes. Sorta. If you think this, you’re missing something HUGE, so please read to end! It is all about… Continue reading Desires of YOUR Heart? 🤔


You’re so Broken

I know how you feel: You're so broken. You have sinned so much. You have done the unthinkable. You're outcast. You hate yourself for what you have done. I have great news..... You're healed. You're forgiven. Others have done worse.You're accepted. You are LOVED. Jacob, way back in Genesis. Manipulated his oldest brother, Esau, to… Continue reading You’re so Broken

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Eat for Your Mental Health

Get Skinny! Lose fat FAST Drop 10 lbs before Christmas! We have all heard those things and various more versions over and over. It’s just lies. That doesn’t help our INSIDES at all-that’s focusing solely on our looks. Stop it! Losing 10 lbs in 2 weeks COULD happen….but in a healthy way? Probably not. In… Continue reading Eat for Your Mental Health