What is your Goliath?

Yes, I said "what" and not "who". 1 Samuel 17:4 tells us Goliath was 6 cubits and a span. One cubit=1.5 feet. A "span" is another 9 inches. 6 cubits means Goliath was 9 FEET TALL, plus the 9" of the span, so dude was nearly 10 feet tall. The tallest person I know is… Continue reading What is your Goliath?

Christian Mental Health

Defeat>Joy or Defeat<Joy

For me...tonight...the first choice is the winner. I worked on several projects literally ALL DAY, and I began to feel 100% destroyed and defeated. Joy is part of the name of my team. I'm thinking I typed the word COMPLETELY out of me. I know that is probably the stupidest thing anyone has ever read,… Continue reading Defeat>Joy or Defeat<Joy