Revelation on Noah

Noah was righteous and found favor in the eyes of the Lord. God chose Noah to build the ark. Not only did Noah do this and obey all of God’s commands…But…Y’all know what he did as soon as he got off the boat? This hit me hard y’all. 🤯He didn’t build a house or dig… Continue reading Revelation on Noah

Christian Mental Health

Defeat>Joy or Defeat<Joy

For me...tonight...the first choice is the winner. I worked on several projects literally ALL DAY, and I began to feel 100% destroyed and defeated. Joy is part of the name of my team. I'm thinking I typed the word COMPLETELY out of me. I know that is probably the stupidest thing anyone has ever read,… Continue reading Defeat>Joy or Defeat<Joy


Vision vs. Train Wreck

Ooph. What are you doing with your life? Is it a train wreck? Do you constantly ask yourself “WHAT THE HECK AM I EVEN DOING?” I’ve been there. It was dark and lonely. Solomon points it out clearly to us here in Proverbs. The cool thing is that God is super personal. You don’t have… Continue reading Vision vs. Train Wreck