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May the Fourth be With You

Haha, sorry for the corny subject line. I'm not really a huge Star Wars fan. (Don't come for me, now!!) BUT This phrase is ALL over the internet right now since it's May 4th and it got me thinking. As we all know, the real phrase is May the FORCE be with you. It's also… Continue reading May the Fourth be With You

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Expectation Vs Reality

My sister has told me to not only LOWER your expectations of others, just don’t have any. Why? Because I get hurt. You never know what a person is going to do. Just don’t expect anything from them. 🤷🏻‍♀️ My husband said the sweetest thing ever to me earlier. “You can be a jerk, (🤪)… Continue reading Expectation Vs Reality


Desires of YOUR Heart? 🤔

As an entrepreneur that is a Christian, I walk in a circle with a lot of other Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs. A common theme seems to be “God wants to give you the desires of your heart.” Well, yes. Sorta. If you think this, you’re missing something HUGE, so please read to end! It is all about… Continue reading Desires of YOUR Heart? 🤔


You’re so Broken

I know how you feel: You're so broken. You have sinned so much. You have done the unthinkable. You're outcast. You hate yourself for what you have done. I have great news..... You're healed. You're forgiven. Others have done worse.You're accepted. You are LOVED. Jacob, way back in Genesis. Manipulated his oldest brother, Esau, to… Continue reading You’re so Broken

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Throw the Rotten Apple Down

Genesis 3. The chapter in the Bible when things realllllly shifted. That sneaky little serpent showed up and showed out and here we are, eons later, still dealing with it. It. The serpent. The devil. The enemy. Satan. Whatever you want to call it. The enemy loves to sneak in and cause you to doubt… Continue reading Throw the Rotten Apple Down

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Where does the Past Belong?

Most say, leave the past in the past. I’m going to say something a little strange. I like to be a rebel, I guess. 🤪 Sometimes the past needs to come forward. You have to face your past so you can participate in the present. No, I don’t mean you dwell there in the past.… Continue reading Where does the Past Belong?


Mental Health is As Important as Physical Health

Mental health is AS IMPORTANT as Physical Health. I may take it a step further and say it is MORE important than physical health. You can have poor physical AND poor mental health=ya arent able to bring yourself to fix the physical. If your mental health is good or great, you can fight through a… Continue reading Mental Health is As Important as Physical Health